Car rental – price list

Oslo Bilutleie offers a wide selection of all types of vehicles: passenger cars, vans, pickups, or minibusses.

Car Rental Passenger Cars

  • VW UP!: This car surprised everyone. It was named by Broom to be one of the best cars. A perfect car for city driving and for short trips. This car takes up incredibly little space and uses little fuel.
  • VW POLO: Perfect for both short and long car trips, e.g., for weekend visits to the family.
  • VW Golf mk7 station wagon automatic: Perhaps the best among the VW models. This car impresses with driving pleasure and spaciousness. A 605-liter trunk which is larger than that of an Audi A6.
  • VW Passat: This is a family favorite for many Norwegians. A reliable VW with high performance that is perfect for all types of drives.
  • VW Tiguan 4X4: Car for more rugged terrain. Rental price: 1200,- per day.

Car Rental Vans / Moving Vans

  • VW CADDY: This is the perfect car for you if you have a small business such as a carpenter, electrician, window cleaner, etc. It also fits for moving small items. Rental price: 800,- per day. Also available in a 4X4 version.
  • Caddy Maxi: A new and larger utility vehicle. Perfect for you who want a spacious van for short and longer trips. Rental price: 900,– per day.
  • Peugeot Partner 4m3 Automatic: Perfect small van, with a quite large cargo space that holds a whole 4m3. Perfect for city jobs. Rental price: 980,- per day.
  • VW Transporter: We have several types of transporters for rent. These are perfect for you if you have, for example, an electrician, carpentry, or painting company and need to transport larger items. Also available in a 4X4 version. Rental prices start from 1200,- per day and 1380,- for 4×4.
  • Peugeot Expert 6m3 Automatic: Very easy to use van of 6m3, with lots of equipment and a nice automatic gearbox. Makes the moving process or workday much easier. Rental price: 1200,- per day.
  • Crafter 11m3: A slightly shorter version of the one at 14m3. Perfect if you are going to take a ferry, for example.
  • Crafter 14m3: The perfect moving van. If you are going to drive far with a moving load, then this car is a good choice. You get a lot of space for transporting goods and seating for 3 people in front of the car. You can rent it with a class B driver’s license. Rental price: 1800,- per day.
  • Crafter 19m3: The perfect moving van. You get even more space than in 14m3. Can still be rented with a class B driver’s license. Rental price: 3500,- per day.

Pickup Rental

  • Transporter DOKA T5/T6: If you are an electrician, painter, or carpenter, then this car will be perfect for you. You will get more than enough space to transport equipment. Rental price: 1200,- per day.
  • Ford Ranger: Spacious van for you who want to get around quickly. A favorite car model among those who work in the construction industry. Rental price: 1380,- per day.

Minibus Rental

  • VW Caravelle T6 LUX: With this car, you have room for the whole family. It also fits well for trips with friends or for work.
  • Caravelle T5 FL F: This car is not like any other 9-seater. It almost needs to be tried out. Are you going on a boys’ trip with a car that has a bit of power? Then this car is perfect for you.

We have over 160 cars for rent. It is wise to call us to reserve a car well in advance. What characterizes us is that we are cheaper than our competitors. We rent out used cars, and this allows us to significantly reduce our prices.


Clients about us

For the second time, we used Oslo Bilutleie AS car rental and must say we were very satisfied on both occasions. The car worked as it should and had plenty of space. The pickup and return of the vehicle also went excellently. The service was top-notch, and there was nothing to complain about. The price was also lower than what other rental companies could offer. We will definitely use them again.
Njaal Reitan
I had never rented a car before, and my experience with Oslo Bilutleie AS was incredible. The administration was simple, and the customer service representatives were friendly and skilled. The car I rented was a new addition to their fleet, a VW Crafter, and it drove like a "bullet" on the road, providing a fantastic driving experience with the driver sitting comfortably and having a good overview. I highly recommend Oslo Bilutleie AS.
Øystein Berntsen
I've rented a car from you 2-3 times. Always great service. Nice cars and easy administration. It's also easy to pick up and drop off the car with the bus stop right outside the area.
Jørgen Fjelstad
Thank you so much for an excellent rental experience. Over the last year and a half, I've tried three different companies for car rentals in a professional context, and you are clearly the best. The quality of the car is miles ahead of what I've been able to rent for the same price elsewhere. Thanks from us!
Fredrik M. Ungdomsprest i Tanum menighet
I rented a 9-seater Caravelle, everything was very smooth regarding the car and its pick-up and return. The only downside was that we didn't get the final agreement until about two weeks before the rental period. Other than that, I recommend renting from there. Good quality of the older car that we rented; we drove over 4000 km - no problems with the car at all!
Trine Maren S.M.
Great cars, and excellent service. We can confidently recommend Oslo Bilutleie AS.
Finnmarksfisk AS
We use Sundal Bilutleie for a railway project we are working on between Larvik and Porsgrunn. A construction project like this results in quite rough usage of the vehicles, but Sundal Bilutleie has been great at responding when something happens. We have used them for quite a few projects now, and there's a reason we keep choosing Sundal again and again.
Caverion AS Per-Morten – 13 biler utleid
We are satisfied; the price is fair, and the cars are fine. For us, the price is primarily why we choose Sundal Bilutleie. I have nothing to complain about with Sundal Bilutleie – we are satisfied.
Skanska Norge AS Geza B.
I just want to thank Oslo Bilutleie, Oslo branch, for extremely good service. The prices, cars, and service are of the highest quality. Thank you for a great rental experience. We will be back in 2018 with new needs and will definitely use your services when renting a car. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Flexcom AS
Several departments at our company, Skanska, use Sundal Bilutleie. My experience is that they are flexible, reasonable, and provide good service. I have no problem recommending Sundal Bilutleie to others.
Skanska Norge AS Hans Peter J.

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