Long-term car rental in Oslo

Do you need a car for a longer period of time? If you do not want to worry about inspections, insurance, and the repair of detected faults, you can opt for long-term car rental. This is a good alternative to both buying and leasing a car. At Oslo Bilutleie, we have prepared offers for those who need a car for an extended time – get to know our offer and convince yourself that renting a car from us is the right choice.

Long-term car rental – types of vehicles

Long-term rental – an alternative to leasing and buying a car

Long-term rental is especially popular among businesses. For business owners, long-term rental is one of the alternatives – along with leasing and purchasing vehicles. Why should you consider this solution? Because you have the possibility to end the contract at any time.

Monthly or long-term car rental in Oslo: Similar to short-term rental – the biggest difference is the duration for which the customer has access to the vehicle. At Oslo Bilutleie, we offer cars from our range for up to 3 years. At the same time, we ensure that long-term rental is not complicated, and we do not use hidden terms in contracts to respect our customers.

Renting a car at Oslo Bilutleie implies:

  • Payment once a month – each month you will receive an invoice from us, so that you can keep track of your expenses. Do you need an invoice more often than once a month? We are flexible; you just need to inform us about it.
  • Simple collaboration policy – with us, you know what you are paying for. Insurance of the vehicle, inspections, and tax matters – in the case of long-term rental, these are issues that are our responsibility. You pay for gasoline, road fees, and fines.
  • The opportunity to explore the offer online – this way, you can also reserve the selected car. If you need help or have questions, we are here to support you – all you need to do is contact us.
  • The opportunity to place your company’s logo on the car – long-term rental in Oslo means you don’t have to use the vehicle with our advertising. On the contrary, you can get permission from us to place your own marketing materials on the car – ask us about this.
  • No financial participation required in the event of damage settlement. If you should be involved in an accident during the agreement, the damage will be covered by the insurance we have purchased for the vehicle – you do not need to pay extra.

Car Rental in Oslo Tailored to Your Needs

Are you running a business and constantly need a car to visit clients? Or perhaps you only find yourself in a car 2-3 times a month. Either way, monthly or longer-term car rental in Oslo is an economically justified solution – the amount on the invoice issued by Oslo Car Rental could be lower than the leasing fee or multiple bills for short-term rentals. But costs aren’t everything – you will surely want to drive modern, safe, and comfortable cars. These are exactly the cars we offer.

Long-term car rental in Oslo applies to various types of vehicles – in our fleet we have available:

  • Passenger Cars – for driving not only in the city
  • If you mainly use the car for urban driving, and need a small vehicle that’s fuel-efficient? One of our suggestions is the VW Polo! – a compact car produced since the 2000s. Do you have many family outings planned in the near future? Choose a car with more luggage space – great options include the VW Tiguan or Suzuki S-cross. We also have vehicles designed for more than 5 passengers, an example being the 9-seater VW Caravelle.
  • Vans – secure a work vehicle
  • Long-term van rental at Oslo Car Rental is about much more than just the opportunity to decorate the vehicle with advertising materials – we also offer a flexible view on the expansion (and reduction) of your own fleet. What can you rent from us? If you transport materials or tools by car, you can opt for a van for long-term rental – examples of such vehicles in our offer include the VW Caddy (3m3) and VW Transporter (7m3).
  • However, vans are not just small city vehicles. Need something bigger? You might also be interested in the VW Crafter (11m3 and 14m3) – this is a vehicle that is used among others in the moving industry. An alternative could be the VW Crafter – with a capacity of 19m3 and a liftgate.
  • Special vehicles with loading platforms
  • Are you transporting heavy goods on pallets? Does your business provide moving services? Make loading and unloading easier for yourself – choose long-term rental of a vehicle with a lifting platform. This provides significant time savings and as is well known, time is money in the business world. We offer not only popular vans, but also vans with a lifting platform – An example of such a vehicle in our offer is the VW Crafter (19m3).
  • SUVs – vehicles that can handle rough terrain

In recent years, SUVs have become very popular among drivers, so we could not fail to include them in our offer. We provide long-term rental of four-wheel-drive vehicles, which perform excellently in rough terrain or bad weather – something a compact city car might not handle. Choose a modern SUV like the VW Tiguan or Suzuki S-cross – our suggestion is the VW Tiguan.

Monthly Car Rental in Oslo

Among our clients, monthly car rental in Oslo is very popular. Cars are most often rented for this period by families planning a holiday trip and do not necessarily want to use their own car. Business owners who need an additional car or are looking for a temporary replacement for the car they already have, also often choose monthly car rental in Oslo.

Although monthly car rental in Oslo is an attractive solution, it is not the only one. At Oslo Car Rental, we also offer vehicles for other periods, for example, 2 or 3 months. The maximum duration of a contract for long-term car rental is 3 years.

Flexible Offer on Long-term Car Rental in Oslo

Are you looking for a car rental company in the capital of Norway? Are you expecting an attractive offer for long-term car rentals and access to popular, reliable models? Welcome to Oslo Car Rental – here you will find comfortable vehicles equipped with many driver-support accessories and ready for driving. Trust us. We know about cars – we have been renting them out since 1994, and our customers’ feedback is the best reference for us. Become one of them now.

5 Advantages of Renting a Car for a Month

Customized for the Terrain

If you opt for a whole month rental, a car trip to another country will quickly become the perfect holiday destination. The long car journey is quickly compensated by detailed excursions on-site, and you have the opportunity to explore a country personally. Not always does your holiday destination match your private car. It may involve a journey through the desert or arctic surroundings. If you do not want to strain your private car with such a trip, renting is perfect.

Large Goals, Big Luggage

Maybe you’re planning a backpacking trip to explore as much as possible on the way to your destination? Here, however, not only is flexibility important, but also enough space for the transport of all necessary luggage. Whether it’s tents, clothes, or camping equipment.

An Unguided, Authentic Journey

When wanting to explore a foreign country, not everyone is a fan of traveling with a guided group. Leaving everyday life for a while and really immersing yourself in a foreign land – the best way to do this is to rent a car to explore the area completely privately. Trusting tips from natives and not binding yourself to fixed goals.

Remote Places, Very Close

What cannot be found in large groups, may not be within reach for a small group with a local guide. Having local contacts and flexibility opens many doors for your stay in your holiday destination. Renting a car will increase this flexibility even more and offer a greater degree of freedom.

For work or private use?

At Oslo Bilutleie, you can rent both corporate cars and private cars for a whole month. We offer most of our models for long-term rental, so you will find something suitable, whether you need to move belongings or transport work materials, or if you are planning a car vacation, both in Norway and abroad, or if you just need a replacement car for everyday errands over an extended period.

Questions about long-term car rental

Our cheapest car costs NOK 740 per day, for a month the same car costs NOK 6,400.

Long-term car rental – additional information

Compared to short-term vehicle rentals, which usually last a few days, long-term rental will be over 4 weeks or more. Here, the maximum rental period will also vary depending on the supplier, but somewhere between 4 and 12 weeks is always applicable. Long-term rental is a cheaper alternative to the leasing agreement and is of particular interest to individuals and companies who need cars only for a certain period and desire a greater degree of flexibility.

Since the insurance agreement that most rental companies have covers any damages to the car while it is being rented, there will not be significant costs for the customer if an accident should occur. One of the advantages here is also that the vehicle can be exchanged whenever it might be desired without this causing much trouble for the rental company.

Did you know that…

Volkswagen is among the most popular commercial vehicles in Norway and that in Western Europe alone, nearly 1 in 6 new cars is a Volkswagen? It is no coincidence that we focus on Volkswagen rental cars. We only offer VW cars because we want you as a customer to get the best rental car. Contact us today and rent a car from Oslo Bilutleie – We look forward to hearing from you!


Clients about us

For the second time, we used Oslo Bilutleie AS car rental and must say we were very satisfied on both occasions. The car worked as it should and had plenty of space. The pickup and return of the vehicle also went excellently. The service was top-notch, and there was nothing to complain about. The price was also lower than what other rental companies could offer. We will definitely use them again.
Njaal Reitan
I had never rented a car before, and my experience with Oslo Bilutleie AS was incredible. The administration was simple, and the customer service representatives were friendly and skilled. The car I rented was a new addition to their fleet, a VW Crafter, and it drove like a "bullet" on the road, providing a fantastic driving experience with the driver sitting comfortably and having a good overview. I highly recommend Oslo Bilutleie AS.
Øystein Berntsen
I've rented a car from you 2-3 times. Always great service. Nice cars and easy administration. It's also easy to pick up and drop off the car with the bus stop right outside the area.
Jørgen Fjelstad
Thank you so much for an excellent rental experience. Over the last year and a half, I've tried three different companies for car rentals in a professional context, and you are clearly the best. The quality of the car is miles ahead of what I've been able to rent for the same price elsewhere. Thanks from us!
Fredrik M. Ungdomsprest i Tanum menighet
I rented a 9-seater Caravelle, everything was very smooth regarding the car and its pick-up and return. The only downside was that we didn't get the final agreement until about two weeks before the rental period. Other than that, I recommend renting from there. Good quality of the older car that we rented; we drove over 4000 km - no problems with the car at all!
Trine Maren S.M.
Great cars, and excellent service. We can confidently recommend Oslo Bilutleie AS.
Finnmarksfisk AS
We use Sundal Bilutleie for a railway project we are working on between Larvik and Porsgrunn. A construction project like this results in quite rough usage of the vehicles, but Sundal Bilutleie has been great at responding when something happens. We have used them for quite a few projects now, and there's a reason we keep choosing Sundal again and again.
Caverion AS Per-Morten – 13 biler utleid
We are satisfied; the price is fair, and the cars are fine. For us, the price is primarily why we choose Sundal Bilutleie. I have nothing to complain about with Sundal Bilutleie – we are satisfied.
Skanska Norge AS Geza B.
I just want to thank Oslo Bilutleie, Oslo branch, for extremely good service. The prices, cars, and service are of the highest quality. Thank you for a great rental experience. We will be back in 2018 with new needs and will definitely use your services when renting a car. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Flexcom AS
Several departments at our company, Skanska, use Sundal Bilutleie. My experience is that they are flexible, reasonable, and provide good service. I have no problem recommending Sundal Bilutleie to others.
Skanska Norge AS Hans Peter J.

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